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” I ” mentality March 20, 2010

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Now i just start my new hobbies  which is writing hoping  i could influence &  motivate people in their life. I have seen massive of people living in a dejected life without hope and burning passion. I also experience dejected when the dreams and expectation you want to accomplish are gloomy.

I have seen most people life are self-centered or self seeking and focus more about their self with an “I ” mentality. We are living in an “I ” mentality such as I want a house . I want a money . I want a beautiful wife. I want a guitar. I want a computer. The more self-centered we are the more we forget other people. . The “I” mentality must be change into a passive self – talk . How can i serve more people ? How can i help more people ? How can i be an influence to the society ? How can i make people happy  ?The more we focus on our self the more we are stressful in life because we constantly compare to other people what they have. If you stop comparing what you don’t have and change it to the language what you have then you will be thankful  for for things in life.